Values, Mission and Vision which motivate employees

Discuss the company's values, mission and vision with employees so that they understand and agree. Values, Mission and Vision is about motivating your employee to reach your goals.

Values – Shared Beliefs

Values are a small set of timeless guiding principles, core values require no external justification; they should focus on being important to those inside the organization. You should not confuse values that you think the organization ought to have—but does not—with authentic core values.

-You should not have more than a few core values, usually between three and five

If you were to start a new organization tomorrow in a different line of work, what core values would you build into the new organization regardless of its industry?

What core values do you personally bring to your work? What would you tell your children are the core values that you hold at work and that you hope they will hold when they become working adults?

Can you envision the Values to be valid for you 100 years from now as they are today? Would you want to hold those core values, even if at some point one or more of them became a competitive disadvantage?

The description of each of the values should include 3 elements:

ASSUMPTIONS: About employees and their wants and needs. The assumptions may be true or false, but they represent the values ​​that the company has decided to build on.

NORMS: Expresses how the company deals with the assumptions in practice in the daily life.

OBLIGATIONS: For employees following the above norms and values.

Mission – Purpose of organization

A mission statement tells you the fundamental purpose of the organization. It defines the customer and the critical processes. It informs you of the desired level of performance. An effective purpose reflects people’s idealistic motivations for doing the company’s work. Whereas you might achieve a goal or complete a strategy, you cannot fulfill a purpose; it is like a guiding star on the horizon—forever pursued but never reached.

What do you want to tell the kids you do every day, besides working hard, make the employees proud to work at your company. Identify what you company does which is significant different to competitors

Try writing an obituary about your company if the customers, competitors or employees point of view? If your company was not there tomorrow, who will miss it, what difference do you make for your employees or customers?

Think of the dream product, how would it look like from your customers point of view, what should be the future features if the customers should think the value should be doubled of today.

A great mission statement should include:

- Customers information, who are the target customers?
- Location, where does the your company compete?
- Products/services, what are our primary product, services?
- Company focus, what are your major strength and competitive advantages?
- Economic targets, what is your companies economic goals?
- Concern for employees, what is your attitude towards your employees?

One powerful method for getting at purpose is the five whys. Start with the descriptive statement We make X products or We deliver X services, and then ask, Why is that important? five times. After a few whys, you’ll find that you’re getting down to the fundamental purpose of the organization.

Vision - Envisioned future

A vision statement outlines what the organization wants to be, or how it wants the world in which it operates to be. It should not be a description of the current situation. It concentrates on the envisioned future when new goals are achieved.  

A great vision is so clear that you can explain it in 1 min or write it on one page. Think of it as translating the vision from words into pictures, of creating an image that people can carry around in their heads. It is a question of painting a picture with your words.  

You will have to look at what will make your company unique in the future years seen from the Customers, employees and management/owners point of view. Always remember to involve your employees in the creation of the vision which should be including the below three areas:

- Ambisous goal (which is measurable)

- Define your niche

- Clear long term time horizon (3-5 years)

You should ask yourself (and employees):

- What results do we dream of achieving?

 - What will make us unique in the future?
       - From the customer perspective
       - From the employee perspective
       - From management's / owners' point of view

 - Are the targets ambitious but still realistic?

Create a vision for each subarea so you might have 3 sub-vision statements to easily communicate and motivate employees.


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