Create success with a focused HR strategy

S = M + C + M


Success is created by giving your employees a Mission, Competences and Motivation: 


Communicate a sensible mission and vision to employees, if employees have a shared sense of purpose, it would be easier to implement actions that can serve the purpose and reach goals. - Make structures compatible with the vision: incompatible structures block necessary action


make sure the necessary training of employees is allocated: without the right skills and attitudes employees feel powerless - Developing employee competences is important for accomplishing goals and actions.


Performance Appraisal, pay systems, promotion, career planning, etc. all should be in accordance with the overall strategy, goals and actions. Relate information and personnel systems with strategies, if systems are not consistent with the strategy it will block for the necessary actions.

Create performance management flow – by connecting mission, competences and motivation

Step 1: Clarify values, mission and vision

Explain the company strategies, goals and actions.

Step 2: Create standards

Define what to measure? Identify needed Competences to accomplish strategy, goals and actions and make it explicit what is needed.

  • - If this strategy is effective, we will see more of ........... and less of ........
  • - How do we create a balance between behavior and performance standards for individuals and teams?
  • - Which competences should we prioritize?
  • - The ambitious goals we should set?
  • - Who will set and monitor standards?

Step 3: Design a reward system with incorporated consequences

  • - Cash here and now: a base salary gives the employee the opportunity to create and maintain a certain lifestyle.
  • - Incentive pay: incentives pay such as cash bonuses on short-term goals contributions or one-time contribution to performance.
  • - Incentive pay in form of shares or options.

Nonfinancial rewards are equally important factors:

  • - Symbols and status (office size, title)
  • - Employee policies, benefits (health insurance and education)
  • - Concierge service (transport, service of car, etc.)
  • - Participation in the visible and important task forces
  • - Access to power and influence
  • - Other goods are not equal with money in your pocket.

Step 4: Set measurement targets – Perform

Define clear goals for each employee Goals. Each employee can update goal measures to follow up and asses against targets.  For each goal multiple actions should be initiated. Defien which training, courses etc. is needed to reach the personal goals and wanted company competence level.

Step 5: Make sure to follow up and asses against targets

Make sure that performance management and competence evaluation. Minimum once a year you should have an appraisal and career development meeting to follow up and asses against targets.

  • - Chat informally with staff between official career development meetings.
  • - Let the employee update the data themselves
  • - Let people draw their own conclusions
  • - Explain “why” not “what”
  • - Do it!


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