4 steps to effective process optimization

Process optimization can learn you how to fish, but always remember to focus on all goals and actions for the entire organization - to help you find out where to fish.

For effective process optimization you should:

1. Understand what creates value for customers and see the value chain in which raw material/information is adding value to the customer who will meet their needs.

The 10 pillars of marketing

In the book Buyology, Martin Lindstroem has proven a clear link between the marketing of a religion and a product/service. Products associated with rituals and superstitions, will have much better possibility to stick in the consciousness of the audience.

10 pillars of Marketing (and religion)
- A sense of audience relationship
- A clear vision
- Power over the enemy
- Sensual appeal
- Storytelling
- Grandeur
- Missionaries
- Symbols
- Mystery
- Rituals

Innovation checklist

Innovation is not equal to creativity or huge R&D budgets. Booz and Company’s annual study, Innovation 1000, shows that spending more on R&D won’t drive results. The most crucial factors are strategic alignment and a culture that supports innovation. The result clearly shows that companies with a clear link between innovation and the overall company strategy and culture achieves 17% better growth rates in earnings.

5 strategy advices

This week Professor Flemming Poulfelt from Copenhagen Business School (CBS) Identified 5 important strategy advices, in the Danish business newspaper Borsen. I agree with the identified issues and relate it below to the importance of setting clear goals and actions to succeed with corporate strategy.

Don’t waste time on a MBA or read 100s of business books