Managing without a MBA
- or reading 100s of business books.

Everybody has to grow and learn also managers, you can choose to buy the knowledge from external consultant or study a Masters degree in management or start reading the thousands of business management books available to achieve success with your strategy:

Online Management Startegy Marketing Innovation Process and HR software tool available soon

With the Goalcube management software tool you get easy online system which helps and educate at the same time in areas as: management, strategy, marketing, innovation, process optimization and HR management – you get:

Strategic overview:
Get the easy overview of your strategic goals and actions related; manage the actions for each employee with high strategic relation and easy follow up..

Diagnosis tool:
Through questionnaire to management or employees the most important strategic issues is identified, to start with the important issues first.

Expert advises:
Best of books and management theory. To make best practices available to assist you with strategic issues without reading hundreds of books or starting a MBA study.

Strategy consultanncy:
Online guide help you through the process of defining the strategy and related actions – free consultancy available via public discussion board from other users or Goalcube consultant.

Get Started!
Test how Goalcube can help you identify, implement and follow up on strategy.