10 steps of social media

Social media strategy is more than just posting updates in the popular medias. Follow the 10 steps of social media to get started with a strategic approach and clear strategy before choosing media and channel.

1. Understand your business and products
2. Define involvement strategy and set metrics and clear goals
3. Understand your customers and their platforms = Listen!
4. Develop a social media policy
5. Choose channels and content strategy
6. Publish your initial content, start conversations
7. Use current network, share your content

Develop a marketing strategy and marketing plan that sells

When creating a new successful marketing plan you should go through 5 steps including the areas of:

  • Market Segmentation
  • Market Targeting
  • Market Positioning

Market segmentation

1. Develop customer profiles

Create success with a focused HR strategy

S = M + C + M


Success is created by giving your employees a Mission, Competences and Motivation: 


Communicate a sensible mission and vision to employees, if employees have a shared sense of purpose, it would be easier to implement actions that can serve the purpose and reach goals. - Make structures compatible with the vision: incompatible structures block necessary action

Values, Mission and Vision which motivate employees

Discuss the company's values, mission and vision with employees so that they understand and agree. Values, Mission and Vision is about motivating your employee to reach your goals.

Values – Shared Beliefs

Values are a small set of timeless guiding principles, core values require no external justification; they should focus on being important to those inside the organization. You should not confuse values that you think the organization ought to have—but does not—with authentic core values.

The 4S Innovation Information Funnel

Innovation should be supported by a clear structure in your organization. For Successful knowledge management and use of all available information for innovation purposes, you should think of the management of knowledge, ideas and innovation information as a funnel with four steps: Search, Systematically collect, Select and Share Innovative information: